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Four Interior Glass Door Ideas That Will Open Up And Brighten Your Home

by For Content

If your home feels cramped or needs to brighten up, having glass doors throughout can open up space and let light flow throughout your home. If you are remodeling your home, work with your contractor to source glass doors that might be workable in your home. Here are four glass door options that can brighten and open up your space.

1. French Doors Between Dining and Living areas

If your dining area and living room are separated by doors, you may be tempted to take these out in order to open up the space. If you like having these spaces separate sometimes, but want to have more of a flow throughout, a great compromise is installing french doors between spaces. These can be left open when guests are over and shut when you would like dining and living room spaces separated. The great part about french doors is that light can still come through even with spaces separated.

2. Glass Doors for Rooms with Less Light

If there are spaces in your house that don't get much light or are at a lower level of the home, install a door with glass paneling. If you have a den or playroom that needs a little more light, this can come through the glass paneling and bring more light to the space. Frosted glass paneling can bring more privacy to these spaces if needed.

3. Glass Closet Doors

Closet doors in bedrooms, entryways and hallways can all be updated with glass paneling to make space less closed off. If you are upgrading the rest of your home with glass doors, you can unify your look to include closets as well. Frosted or textured glass will hide your things while keeping the look of glass.

4. Pantry and Cabinet Doors

Glass can open up your kitchen if you can view shelving through doors and cabinets. If you have a larger pantry, a glass door can protect items but make this area less closed off. This is a great compromise to open shelving, which can expose food and items that you might want to keep closed off. Glass doors can bring these out in the open visually, but keep them protected at the same time.

If you are remodeling or upgrading your home, make sure to play up its strengths and work with the weaknesses. Interior glass doors can let light through and make a space seem bigger. Get the look of your home just right and utilize the potential of interior glass doors from places such as Glass Pro Glass Railing for more information.