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Four Different Types Of Lattice Materials To Use For Different Landscaping Design Features

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Lattice can be used for many different features in your landscaping design, such as privacy fences, wall coverings and for structural features. There are also many different types of lattice, which can be large squares, diamond patterns and be made out of many materials. These different types of lattice materials can be used for the separate features of your landscaping.

Here are four lattice materials that you can use and where they work best:

1. Common Diamond Pattern Lattice Materials

One of the most common types of lattice materials used in landscaping features is a diamond pattern. These are usually made out of treated pine materials, which can also be in small square patterns. If you want to have privacy fences and other features for things like fencing and porches, this is a great material to use.

2. Solid Lattice Designs To Add Privacy To Your Home

There are also solid designs of lattice that can be used for privacy around your home. They can be installed on decks, patios or on areas of fencing. Solid lattice designs have no openings to give you added privacy. This can come in prefabricated panels, or you can make your lattice solid by adding loose strips of lattice to cover the openings in the lattice pattern.

3. Large Square Patterns In Lattice For Climbing Plants

Lattice is also used for trellises in landscaping design for climbing plants. You can get lattices that are specifically made for trellises and have large square openings. These are great for areas with climbing plants to cover things like unattractive chain link fencing or other structures that may be unsightly. The large squares are ideal for plants to climb on and make the lattice materials less noticeable.

4. Solid Lattice With Decorative Cutouts In It

There are also solid lattice materials that can be made from plywood or vinyl. These can have patterns cut into them to have more of a decorative look. You can buy these materials with the patterns already in them, and combine them with solid pieces that you can use for custom designs, such as initials, street addresses and other personalized custom features. Then treated plywood is great for this, which you can paint to match materials like vinyl.

Lattice materials come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each type of lattice can be used for specific purposes in your landscaping. If you want to have lattice features added to your landscaping design, contact landscape contractors to get the help you need.