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What Is A Vacuum Truck?

by For Content

If you have a need for getting different types of waste picked up and disposed of, you might need to request services from a vacuum truck. This is a special type of truck that can take different types of waste, such as wet and dry solids, sludge, and liquid, pump it, and dispose of it in a safe place. The vacuum portion of the truck allows for easy collection of this waste. Here is more information about vacuum trucks so you can decide if this is what you are in need of.

What the Vehicles Consist Of

While there are different varieties of vacuum trucks, most of them have the same basic mechanisms. They have a suction motor on top of the chassis that can collect the waste needed to be picked up, which is then sucked into the storage container located on the truck. They are able to pump all different types of waste and materials. Some vacuum trucks are specifically for certain uses, such as wet and dry materials, or only liquids. Other trucks vary in their weight and storage capacity. The vacuum motor is powered by a dedicated diesel motor, gasoline motor, or the truck's engine itself.

When a Vacuum Truck is Needed

In general, you need a vacuum truck when you have waste that is loose enough to require pumping in order to be removed. This can be extra water due to a severe flood, sewage that needs to be pumped out of a septic tank, brine water leftover from an oil drill site, or any type of sludge or contaminated soil that is on a construction site. If you call up a vacuum truck, you need to be specific about what waste you have that needs to be collected. Some pumps only work with liquids, while others can handle wet and dry materials. Here are more examples of when you might need a vacuum truck's services:

  • To collect hazardous liquid materials in a safe and effective manner
  • Solve wet and dry problems
  • Clean out your sewer system
  • Handle corrosive material that needs to be disposed of properly
  • Collect materials that have a low flash point temperature
  • Manage gases safely

Types of Equipment Found on a Vacuum Truck

If you are looking for more information about vacuum trucks and what they can accomplish, it helps to know a little more about their equipment. The following includes standard equipment found on many vacuum trucks:

  • Units that include automatic take-up reels to clean sewers
  • Air machine that includes a detachable cyclone unit
  • Air machines for wet and dry applications
  • Stainless steel mechanisms for corrosive materials
  • Loading systems that include liquid vacuum transports, centrifugal pump, body pressurization, and vertical auger
  • Emission scrubbing systems

As you can see, these trucks handle a wide variety of situations. If you feel that you need a vacuum truck, call for pick-up today.