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Shower Leak Behind The Wall: Damage Remediation And Repair

by For Content

Have you found water and mildew throughout the wall behind your shower, and the damage has spread throughout the walls? You need to call a water damage restoration company right away to help stop the problem and clean up the mess.

Not only do you want to hire the services of a water restoration company to help with the problem, but you also want to contact an HVAC company and a plumber as well. Here are a few things to consider when you are ready to get the problem fixed.

Plumbing Repairs

Get the piping and plumbing repaired immediately so the water can no longer leak into the walls, and so you don't have to worry about the problem recurring after you have the area cleaned. You may want to consider replacing the entire shower or tub shell and having the plumbers inspect the surrounding plumbing.

Immediate Remediation

The mold remediation company, like Thompson Valley Disaster Kleenup, is going to do a variety of things. They will pull all of the moisture out of the space, dry the area, and remove all of the affected insulation and drywall. This is going to help eliminate the stains and odors caused from the water.

Next they are going to kill the bacteria in the space, and remediate the developing mold spores that are developing. This is important to prevent mold related illness, and to stop the mold from deteriorating the structure of the home.

HVAC Cleaning

If the mold spores are developing in the space they could have easily gotten in vents and are spreading throughout the ducts and around the home. You want to have your ducts cleaned to remove all debris and potential bacteria. You also want to have the filter on the furnace changed out, and have the furnace cleaned to remove traces of mold. This stops the mold from continuing to cycle throughout your house.

There are a lot of problems that can arise when you have a shower leak behind the wall and you were unaware, but you can't delay to take action as soon as you find out about the problem. The water could be doing significant damage to the structural materials throughout your home. There are a lot of dangers and health concerns for the occupants that reside in the home if the moisture in the space isn't treated and if you let the mold spread throughout your living space.