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Spruce Up Your Home With The Right Pavement For Your Property

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When you want to spruce up the curb appeal of your property, paving is a prudent and practical option. Talk with paving contractors about the most sensible strategies for your property and geographic region, as some driveway paving materials are more suited to specific climates than others. Below you will find some paving options that could be just what your property needs to restore its curb appeal and smooth out your surfaces. 

Consider these paving approaches:

The longevity of asphalt

Asphalt is an excellent paving option for those that live in regions that get cold in the winter, as it has some flexibility and responds well to frost heaves and thaws. For a less-slippery surface, talk with your paving contractor about getting asphalt with a larger aggregate; for smoother surfaces, ask for smaller aggregate material. Be sure that the ground beneath your asphalt is well cared for, prior to pouring asphalt, as the outcomes are best when working with a level and smooth ground.

Cohesion with concrete

If you are looking to create cohesion with other style features of your property, concrete might be your best choice. Buyers can really create some unique and distinctive looks through customizing concrete for their driveways, walkways or patio. Stamping, tinting and adding unique textural elements, such as pebbles or aquarium rocks, give your concrete surfaces their own stylish look.

Sleek style of seal coating

Seal coating is a quick and easy way to make your asphalt look better between pavings, and it is used primarily as a cosmetic fix for damaged drives and walkways. It is also not ideal in extremely warm climates, as it can soften and melt, which can result in damage to your vehicle, clothing and shoes. Buyers appreciate seal coating for the ease of application, as well as the instant gratification that comes with this quick and easy restoration of their driveways and exterior spaces. 

Going with gravel

An alternative to paving is to fill in your surface areas with aggregate, such as river stones, pebbles, or gravel. This creates a much more rustic appearance, but it could be feasible in less-traveled areas around the home. Talk with paving contractors about unique borders, edging and details that will make your gravel spaces look neat and maintained.

Another advantage of paving around your home is the reduced amount of maintenance and care that pavement incurs, as opposed to other landscaping designs. Talk with paving contractors about the most practical materials for your geographic region, as well as which options fit best in your budget. Give your home a distinguished and polished look with paved driveways, walks and exterior spaces.