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How To Refinish Your Wood Deck

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Wood is an excellent material to choose for your deck, but it is also prone to damage over time. Everything from excessive water to age can cause its appearance to fade and cracks to form. When this happens, you need to make some minor repairs and refinish it so it looks new again. Here are some tips for doing just that.

Repair Damage to the Deck

Any time you are planning on refinishing or painting your wood deck, you should start by repairing any damage you find. This gives you a clean slate and allows you to start with a smooth, flawless surface. Start by inspecting the deck thoroughly, looking for areas of rot or damage. If you have wood planks with considerable rot, they should be replaced instead of simply refinishing them. If you have large holes or cracks, you can fill them with wood filler. Also make sure all nails and screws are in tightly and flush with the deck. Repair any loose boards you find.

Clean the Deck Thoroughly

The staining product will look best when it is applied to a clean surface. After you have made the necessary repairs, you should get the deck as clean as you can. Start by sweeping every inch of the deck, paying close attention to the edges where dirt tends to accumulate. Next, locate any stains or areas of build-up so you can spot clean them. A scrub brush with warm soapy water should work well at cleaning these areas.

Next, use a power washer to rinse the deck clean and get rid of any remaining stains. If you don't have a pressure washer, using a hose with a high-powered nozzle is a good alternative. Make sure if you use the pressure washer, it is not set to the highest power, otherwise it could damage the deck.

Get the Deck Ready for Staining

Your deck also needs to have a smooth surface before staining it, which is done by sanding it. Use a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood fibers along the deck. Some of these fibers might have been raised during the cleaning process, which is another good reason to sand it smooth. However, if you run your hand over the clean deck and it feels smooth, you can skip the sanding stage. If you decided to sand it, sweep and rinse the deck once more before staining. Wait for it to dry completely before continuing.

Apply the Finishing Stain

You are finally ready to refinish your wood deck with the stain. When staining a deck, it is best to start at the top of the deck near where it is attached to the back of your home and work downward toward your yard. Choose one side to start from, working in small areas when you apply the stain. Don't try to do large areas at a time, or you might end up with missed spots.

When you are trying to get areas around railings, you can apply the stain using a bristle brush. For the rest of the deck surface, use a paint pad applicator to apply it. This tends to work better than a paint brush for large areas. Once your deck has been covered in the stain, wait for it to dry completely. At this point, you can decide if you want another coat or not.

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