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Child Safety Precautions To Take While Renovating Your Home

by For Content

If your family will be living in your home while renovations are underway, you need to make sure that safety procedures are put into place. Home design projects can be interesting and almost irresistible to some kids, so laying out potential dangers will fall on you as a parent. Here are four tips to keep kids safe during home remodeling projects.

1. Off-Limits Areas

If your family will be living in a portion of your home while other areas are under construction, sit your kids down and explain that areas being renovated are off-limits without a parent. This needs to be addressed seriously and discussed ahead of time so that kids take this to heart. Take this advice yourselves and stay out of remodeling areas if you can unless working with the contractor.

2. Set Up New Routines

If there are areas of the home that aren't livable during a renovation, you may need to make concessions and rezone areas of the home. If your kitchen will be turned upside down, a fridge and microwave in the garage might be your new kitchen. Make this fun for your kids and try to make this an adventure for them. If their needs are taken care of, they will be less likely to roam into unsafe areas of the home.

3. Air Quality Safety

If your child has asthma or sinus problems, the dust from a remodel can be dangerous. Try your best to combat this with a few precautions. Make sure that plastic sheets are installed at all doorways to keep construction dust from getting into other areas of your home. It is a good idea to also put air purifiers in your child's room and other living spaces to keep the air as clean as possible.

4. Clean Up after Hours

Make sure that contractors know that power tools and equipment should be locked up or taken with workers at the end of the day. Even if items are unplugged or in the off position, accidents can happen. Tools can look like toys to kids and might be irresistible to leave alone. Don't just trust your child won't get into items that are off-limits. Make sure that kids never even have a chance to come in contact with construction equipment.

Getting your home renovated can be an exciting time, but can add stress if you are still living in your home. In order to keep your kids safe and ensure that your home design project is moving along efficiently, make sure there are ground rules in place for your kids. For more tips, talk to a home design professional like Architectural Design by BluPrint Design + Build.