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Reasons Why You Might Want To Trim The Size Of Your Curbs

by For Content

If you are the mayor of a city or in charge of a city's road transportation, you are likely going to be looking for any possible way that you can reduce the congestion on the roads. You might bemoan the size of your curbs and have a feeling that reducing their size might allow you to have a little bit more room to work with and allow you to solve the problem at hand. However, you want to make sure that cutting the curbs is actually going to fix your problem before you go through the hassle of setting up a government contract. Here are some reasons why you might want to trim the size of your curbs.

1. Could Help Allow for the Installation of a Bike Lane

One main reason why you might want to consider cutting your curb size is because it will allow you to install a bike lane. If you have a little bit of extra space on both sides of a particularly congested road that is not currently safe for bikers, adding a lane specifically for people biking will help you relieve the congestion since more people will be encouraged to bike.

Cutting the size of the curb can make this plan a reality by getting you the extra space that you need. Talk to the people in the city that you currently help govern and see if there are enough bikers in the area to merit cutting the curbs for a bike lane. If there is a large enough level of interest, then you know that the bike lanes are going to be used.

2. Increase Parking Space

Another reason why you might want to cut the curbs is to ensure that there is enough room for people who are parking on the street to open their doors without having to worry about getting nailed by a driver who is passing by. This is great for parallel parking near schools, since kids will often open their doors without looking behind them to make sure that a car isn't coming. Cutting curbs to increase parking space can make your city safer.

3. Increase Space for Busses

If you have a strong bus system, you might have to spend a lot of time training your bus drivers to know exactly where to turn so that they don't go over the curb. You can make it easier for your bus drivers and reduce the chance of bus damage or an accident by cutting the corner curbs and giving them a little bit more room to turn.

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