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Why A Metal Roof Is The Best Option If You Live In An Earthquake-Prone Area

by For Content

Metal roofing has been around for decades as material for sheds and barns, but now it's topping houses too. The sheer toughness of metal roof panels makes it a great way to keep your home safe when living in an area where natural disasters are common. If you're concerned about how your roof will react in an earthquake, you're best off installing metal panels for the following reasons.

Lighter Weight

When it comes to keeping the structure intact and your family safe during a seismic event, lighter materials fare better than heavy ones. While your structure may be strong enough to support the static weight of heavy concrete or clay tiles, it's most likely not strong enough to handle the seismic load that adds up as those roofing tiles shake and move. Minimizing roof weight through the use of light metal panels reduces the amount of damage done to the rest of the structure, making it easier to repair and stabilize the house after the worst natural disasters.

Greater Damage Resistance

In addition to causing less damage to the structure during an earthquake, the metal roofing panels themselves resist damage too. The steel or aluminum material can bend and handle hard shocks without cracking or tearing like asphalt, concrete, and clay shingles. If you'd like to spend your money on replacing damaged interiors instead of having to repair or even replace your roof after an earthquake, invest in metal roofing upfront to save money in case of a disaster. An intact roof prevents rain and wind from further damaging the rest of the house if storms accompany the seismic activity.

Stiffer Panels

Finally, the stiffness and shape of the metal roofing panels also protect you and your family during the earthquake. Stiff panels are less likely to come loose and fall, and the long strips of material are also better anchored than the small squares used for other roofing types. You don't want to make it through the actual quake unharmed and then become injured due to falling roof shingles hitting you as you inspect the damage to the exterior of the home.

Start designing your seismic-proof house from the top down by pairing your metal roofing with tough metal framing, concrete beams that move independently of the walls, and foundations with reinforcement meshes. A few simple changes to the design of your house can make it safer during natural disasters without changing the look or layout.

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