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Dog Days of Summer: Selecting a Perfect Deck for You and Your Dog

by For Content

No matter what type of extension you are planning for your house, you should make sure that everyone in the family can enjoy it. If you are a dog owner, your pup is likely an important member of your family. As such, if you are looking to build a new deck, you need to create an outdoor space that is usable for humans and the dog alike. Here are some ideas on creating a good space for you and your pet.

Make sure the railing is close together

The temptation for a dog to stick its head through a railing or even try to squeeze its body through the railing of a deck is high. For this reason, the exterior railing that you use for your deck's fencing should be close together. Make the bars as close in width as possible to ensure the safety of your pet as well as the safety of anyone else who might try to squeeze through the bars, like a toddler.

Consider vinyl flooring

Some flooring choices can easily be scratched by dogs' nails. In order to make sure your deck remains in good condition and looks appealing, you should select a material for the deck that will last over the long term. Vinyl decking is a great option for pet owners who do not want to worry when their dogs and children are running over their deck. These options are affordable and can look very similar to ordinary wood decks. Since vinyl decks also hold up well despite hard weather patterns, your deck will remain in good condition over the long term. Get in touch with a company like Eternal Vinyl Sundecks for further information.

Decide on a deep stain

Dogs love to get dirty. During a summer shower or during the spring season, your dog may get caught in the rain, then run on your sundeck, leaving dirt and mud everywhere. If you do decide to go with a wood deck, instead of worrying about how you can keep a light-stained deck clean, consider a dark stain for your sundeck. This way dirt will not show up very easy and you won't have to go through extraordinary measures when it is cleaning time.

Create enclosed stair steps

Many decks will have rudimentary stair steps, where the step does not have a back. Though these are often easy to build, there is a possibility that your dog can slip into the open back of a deck and get hurt. It is a good idea to close the stairs on the backs and sides so that if there are any slips, your dog will not fall into the bottom of the deck area.