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How To Maintain Your Paint Gun During Large Scale Commercial Jobs

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Renting and using a pneumatic paint gun is the best way to speed up your commercial paint job. Trying to complete large scale paint jobs with brushes and rollers is only practical if you have a large work force. However, if you only have 2-4 painters, it is probably better to use paint guns. One person can be painting with the gun while the other workers are masking off the area and prepping it. This article explains how to maintain your gun during the project so you can ensure that it works well the entire time.

Storing the Gun at the End of the Work Day

Most large scale commercial jobs will take a few days. Overnight, when you are not using the gun, you need to properly store it. You also need get all the paint out of the lines. To do this you need a 5 gallon bucket filled (halfway) with water. You pull the intake pump out of the can of paint and place it into the bucket of water. Then, power on the gun and start to spray. You will probably need to spray onto a surface like cardboard or wood that you are just going to throw away. As you spray for a few seconds the paint will start to get lighter, until only water is coming out of the gun. At this point you can be sure that the hose line are free of paint and you don't need to worry about dried paint causing problems in the morning. There is also a removable nozzle at the tip of the gun. Pull this nozzle out and soak it in water overnight. When you return to work in the morning you just need put the nozzle back in and place the intake pump back in the paint can.

Storing the Gun During Short Breaks During the Day

You also need to take some steps to prevent the paint from drying on the gun nozzle when you take extended breaks during the day. For instance, you should remove the nozzle during a lunch break or any time that you are not painting for an hour or more. You can just soak the nozzle in water, but also place the actual gun in a small can of water. Simply put the nozzle back in place and you will be ready to start spraying again.

Your paint job will be much easier if you properly maintain your gun throughout the day. However, if you find that you need help with your job, contact a business such as Pro-Guard Painters Hotel Painting.