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Three Reasons Why You Need Rubber Commercial Pool Decking

by For Content

A commercial pool deck is decking for public pools, gym pools, and swimming school pools. For the most part, it includes cement and/or roughened tile, but it can also include wood or rubber. The last option, rubber, is your best bet, and here is why. 

No Splinters (Among Other Things)

Wood pool decks always look very nice, especially on outdoor public pools. However, the problem with wood decks (and there is more than one problem!) is that when they are constantly wet from people climbing out of the pool, they break down and splinter. Then everyone running around the pool (or rather, walking, because you should never run around a pool!) gets splinters in their feet. If you install rubber decking instead of wood the rubber never splinters, rots, or needs a reapplication of a preventive sealant against wood rot. 

No Slips and Falls

Concrete will certainly last forever, and that is key where public use pools are concerned. Concrete, unfortunately, becomes somewhat slippery when wet, and if you fall, it is easier to crack your head, get a concussion, or break a bone. With the rubber decking, you do not slip and fall, and even if you somehow managed to slip and fall, the rubber would ensure that your injuries would be significantly less than falling on concrete. The rebound buoyancy of the rubber would lessen the fall by pushing back on the body as it hits the rubber, much like a basketball hitting the basketball court. 

No Scrapes

Roughened tile, and to a certain extent, concrete, both tend to scrape wet skin mercilessly. It is not a pleasant feeling to walk around on such rough surfaces around a pool and have the bottoms of your feet feel like they are walking on sandpaper. If you hoist yourself out of the water using your arms instead of the steps or ladders on the sides of the pool, your hands and arms get scraped too. The rubber decking, on the other hand, is smooth and easy to walk on, and your hands, arms, and all other body parts coming into contact with this decking will never feel scraped or scratched. 

Change Decks Now

If you are in charge of any sort of public pool, and you want to give it an upgrade, see if rubber decking fits your budget. Then get an estimate for the pool or pools in which you are in charge. The job does not take very long to complete.