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Post Construction Cleaning to Get Your Project Ready for Closing

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There is a lot of work to build homes and businesses. Once the construction is completed, there is still a lot of work to be done to clean up the property. This is something that a post-construction cleaning service can help you get ready for. The following post-construction cleaning guide will get your project ready for closing:  

Cleaning Up the Construction Waste 

The first step in post-construction cleaning is removing waste materials. To start, you want to rent containers to help keep the project clean. Even if you have dumpsters delivered, there will still be some waste materials that need to be cleaned up. When cleaning up the construction waste, some of the following ideas will help:

  • Schedule dumpster deliveries throughout the construction
  • Keep waste materials organized to make waste management easier
  • Clean up the waste before the dumpster is picked up

Do these things to keep the construction waste cleaned up throughout the different phases of your project. You can organize waste materials by construction, recyclable, and domestic materials to manage your project better.

Removing Protective Coverings After Painting

Protective coverings like paper, plastic, and masking tape are often used throughout the different construction phases. These materials need to be removed before the cleaning can be completed. When removing protective coverings, some of the following techniques will help minimize the mess:

  • Sweep loose debris to the middle of paper or plastic drop cloths
  • Carefully cut any paint or finish materials to prevent peeling when removing the tape
  • Ball up drop cloths with the debris like a garbage bag to dispose of them

You can use these techniques to reduce messes from the protective coverings that are removed when cleaning.

Cleaning Up Paint Overspray on Building Finishes

When the painting is done for your project, it causes overspray to get on materials. These are the little speckles of paint that are on windows or other materials. Before you close the contract, you want to make sure that all the paint overspray has been cleaned up. Some techniques that can be used to remove overspray from different materials include:

  • Use soapy water to scrub and loosen the paint overspray
  • Scrape the paint off of smooth surfaces like glass with a sharp razor
  • Use diluted paint thinner to remove paint from finishes you don't want to scratch

These are different techniques that can be used to remove overspray from different materials. Make sure that all the mess from painting has been cleaned up before moving on to the other cleaning work that needs to be done.

Tidying Up the Interior to Prepare for the Signing

The interior of the building needs to be cleaned before you can sign the closing contract. It is important that everything is clean, and every speck of dust has been removed. This should include details such as:

  • Removing any leftover materials
  • Placing spare parts where they belong
  • Mopping tile finishes
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning the interior of windows one last time

These final cleaning details will help you clean up before signing the closing contract. You want to make sure that the building is tidy and there are no signs of construction messes.

Before you can sign the closing contract for your project, you want to make sure it is clean and tidy. Call a post-construction cleaning service for help getting this work done before you close. If your property has custom landscaping, it will also need cleaning and maintenance before signing the closing contract.