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Common Waste Disposal Methods

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Effective waste disposal is great for the environment. Despite producing lots of waste weekly, have you ever asked yourself where it goes? Or how it is disposed of? To be fair, that's the responsibility of your regular waste disposal services provider. Still, it doesn't hurt to learn about some of the most common waste disposal techniques that the waste company employs.


Recycling involves processing waste and turning it into either similar or new products. Some of the most common recyclable waste includes aluminum, glass, paper, and plastic. Your waste disposal company should provide recycling bins for putting recyclable material. The best part about recycling is that it is eco-friendly as it does not add waste material.


Incineration is a fanciful way of describing the burning of waste materials. This procedure also generates heat which is used to derive energy. Incinerating waste decreases the amount of waste by around 90% of the initial volume. Toxic and hazardous waste materials are disposed of superbly by incineration. And it gets better because ash from burning organic waste comes in handy as nutrients for hydroponic processes.


Composting involves decomposing organic waste by means of microbes. While sitting in a bin or compost pit for months, the microbes break down the waste into nutrient-filled compost ideal for gardening purposes. Compared to incineration, composting retains more nutrients and most waste disposal service providers prefer it to eliminate organic waste. This process considerably enhances soil fertility.

Sanitary Landfill

Sanitary landfills are ideal for waste material that you cannot dispose of via other waste disposal techniques. The base of the landfill has a protective lining that separates the water table from the toxic substances. This barrier prevents harmful chemicals from seeping into the earth and causing water pollution. Layers of waste are then compacted in the pit and finally covered with earth. To be on the safe side, landfills are situated in places where the groundwater levels are low and flooding is uncommon.

Plasma Gasification

 As far as environment-friendly waste disposal methods go, plasma gasification has a front-row seat. The process is utilized in the conversion of carbon-based commodity recyclables into energy. They are exposed to great temperatures, which convert them to syngas. Syngas is further developed into high-grade fuel or combusted directly. Plasma gasification is perfect for companies that prefer zero-waste production.

With increased industrialization and the ever-growing population, effective waste disposal methods are needed, now more than ever. It is now imperative for waste disposal companies to come up with additional safe and cheaper techniques of waste disposal.