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Backyard Wedding? 5 Landscape Lighting Elements to Install Early

by For Content

Are you hosting a backyard wedding? Lighting takes on greater importance when you move the affair outdoors. So, rather than wait until the wedding weekend and rely on temporary party lights, installing a good landscape lighting plan is both cost-effective and more appealing. What landscape lighting features should you install long before the big day and why? Here are a few to try.

1. Pathway Lighting.

Pathway lighting is a must for any yard, so if your paths are not as well-illuminated as they can be, now is a good time to upgrade them. The wedding activity serves as a great opportunity to see how you can improve your walkways and paths for permanent use. Lighting should be high enough to keep everyone safe, but it can still provide plenty of aesthetic appeal to the yard. 

2. Overhead Lights.

Along with pathway lights, overhead lighting should be a permanent safety feature of your backyard. While it will likely get less use than accent lights during the actual wedding, overhead lighting is pivotal during the preparation, setup, and disassembly stages. A good overhead lighting plan avoids leaving hidden areas of too little lighting or long, potentially dangerous shadows. 

3. Fire Features.

A fire feature is a great addition to any home-based wedding. Make one or more into a centerpiece for conversation groupings or even a central feature for the actual nuptials. Use it to warm up a chilly evening. Or allow it to take visual interest away from any unsightly backyard features. But save your wedding budget and install a fire feature—from a pit to torches—that you'll enjoy long after the big day. 

4. Color-Changing Lights.

LED lights offer a quick and easy way to dress up any backyard and create a color palette that matches your vision. But you don't want to be stuck with a sea of hot pink solar lights that you'll never use again. Modern LED lighting, on the other hand, can provide flexibility of colors and hues so you can recycle those lights throughout the landscape.

5. String Lights.

String lights are a common lighting option for outdoor weddings, which makes them an easy way to get a head start on decorating. At your leisure, wrap string lights around trees, columns, posts, deck railings, tables, and along eaves. You'll have gained an additional backyard décor feature and wedding decoration will go a lot faster. 

Want more ideas for adding landscape lighting before a backyard shindig? Whether you want a reason to update your lighting or you want to get a jump on wedding planning, start with a visit to an outdoor lighting installation contractor in your area today.