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Fixing The Most Common Domestic Plumbing Problems

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Everyone wants to live in a house with a functional and efficient plumbing system. But sometimes, recurring plumbing issues are hard to escape, even in relatively new homes. The problems might be simple and easy to fix without professional assistance or complications. Your task as the homeowner is to look at the signs of the problem. From the assessment, determine whether a quick fix will resolve it or you need professional help. Here are some of the most common plumbing issues and how to deal with them. 

The Sewer Is Backing Up

Most of the common plumbing issues in the house are bearable. However, a sewer system that keeps backing up into the house can become a complete nightmare. In addition to the rancid smell of the black water, you have to worry about the chemicals, bacteria, and other biological contaminants that the raw sewage might be introducing into your home. Never wait or try do-it-yourself fixes for sewer backup issues. Instead, call in an emergency plumber to handle the situation for you. It is also advisable to vacate the house temporarily as they clean up. 

Slow Moving Water In Sinks

Slow draining water is probably the most common domestic plumbing issue. A properly functioning plumbing system takes a short time to move water from the sink to the sewer system. However, if the speed of the water slows down, you can expect the presence of a clog somewhere inside the sewer line. Sometimes the clog is easy to resolve when you have the right tools. At other times, you will need the intervention of a professional plumber. For example, if you have a tree root stuck inside a sewer pipe, only a professional can locate and remove it. Also, slow-moving drains could signal septic tank failure, which you cannot fix yourself. 

Low Water Pressure

Your home needs steady water pressure to ensure that faucets, bathtubs, showerheads, and all other components have a reliable supply of water. If the water supply in your system keeps fluctuating, you might have pressure problems. Low pressure could be the result of corrosion, leading to leaks. Low pressure also happens when you have a clog in the drain or sewer. A seasoned plumber will trail the entire plumbing system, detect the cause of the pressure problems and fix it.

Unless you are an expert in resolving plumbing issues, an expert should be the first person you call when you experience a plumbing difficulty. Timely assessment and repairs will prevent the problems from becoming disastrous.

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